The Making Of A Smoothie

Our smoothie recipe is really simple: real fruit smoothie puree, low-carb protein, ice and water.

Real Fruit Puree

Our smoothies start with real fruit puree made with fruits picked at their peak ripeness which guarantees a naturally sweet smoothie every time.
These purees contain No HFCS, are gluten free and 99% fat free. Even better, our Power of Fruit line of smoothies are kosher, soy free and contain no artificial colors or sweeteners. The Power of Fruit line is made with our signature real fruit puree and all natural stevia leaf for a natural tasting smoothie that contains fewer calories and less sugar.

Triple Action Protein

Our Triple Action Protein is a low carb protein supplement that rivals the cleanest of protein powders. Because our smoothies are sweetened naturally with our real fruit purees, we leave out any artificial sweeteners or flavors in our protein powder which means you enjoy a natural vanilla taste containing very few carbs or grams of sugar.
Our protein is packed with whey and casein isolates and concentrates to encourage optimal long-term and short-term absorption rates. This means your muscles can use what they need after a tough workout immediately and in the hours afterward.

Ice & Water

Finally, we simply add ice, water and blend!